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Jahf Reach

This one's coming to you from the City of Jahf Reach.

This guy lives his music and we thank him for it.
There is a realness to Jahf Reach that transcends into his music and leaves you elevated. Enlightened by a unique style of crossing reggae with hip hop.
There is a state of mind available that embraces a peaceful and spiritual existence. One that strives for greatness day in and day out. 

There is a grind to success. One tolerated by those who love the process and embrace the hustle. The adaptable relish in it and make the lifestyle their own. Not because they are gluttons for punishment but because they simply have to. Compelled by the need to create. Addicted to making something out of nothing then showing it to the world.
Once out there it inspires and creates a spark that lights the sky and falls on the tinder that is the masses. The flame that follows consumes all in its path and spreads across the land. How far will this fire reach?

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Casey Henry, known better as Jahf Reach immigrated to Canada at 23 years old and brought with him the charismatic and impassioned spirit of his culture. 
But there is a lot to Jahf Reach as I learned digging into his music and history. He truly lives his lyrics. His lifestyle. The Cabah lifestyle.

The Cabah lifestyle is referenced in your music, what is the Cabah lifestyle?
It is really truly a way of living. It's a mindset.
For me, I overcame a lot of adversity and I challenged my mindset.
I ask questions and I question everything. 
Because I do that, I see a lot of success in everything I'm doing.
There is no limitation based on age, finances, status, based on your circle so I embrace the Cabah lifestyle that I created, saying hey you can have what I have, you can do what I've been doing despite where you are from.
Cabah lifestyle is if you can think it, you can believe it, if you can believe it, you can achieve it. There are no limitations.

Why did you choose the pseudonym Jahf Reach?
It is an abbreviation of Jahfus Reach, my name prior. It is a stereotypical name for the Rasta but Jahf embraces the Cabah lifestyle, it means I can sing pop if I want, country if I want, I'm not embracing any of the stereotypical aspects of life, like I'm black and from the Caribbean, I have an accent that must mean I smoke weed, no it doesn't mean any of that. By changing my name from Jahfus I am not limited by anything.

Who is your favourite rapper not on the radio?
That's going to be... Illusive. He's in Kitchener.

Who were you into ten years ago?
50 Cent. I never listened to rap music until 50 cent came into the picture. He kind of slowed it down and made everything kinda cool. It was a nice beat and you could bounce to it and that's when I started to get into the rap culture.


You sing about greatness in your music. What is greatness to you?
Greatness is being an example of overcoming trials, tribulations, limitations and stereotypes. You can put me in any situation and as we say in Trinidad "I'm gonna take those lemons and make them lemonade." 

I'm wondering which you feel more of an influence from reggae or hip hop?
Reggae. Most of the music that I have in my catalogue that I listen to is reggae. I'm a lot more selective with rap music. 
Reggae educates you. If you think about reggae think about Bob Marley (sings a bit of Buffalo Soldier), it educates you and opens your eyes, but I'm trying to merge the two together.

When did you decide to dedicate your life to music? Was it a conscious decision? 
I basically came into it by coincidence. We would always tap on our desks
in school and sing songs and when we would sing those songs I would make up my own lyrics, everyone would say "yo you're really good at this. Why don't you take this seriously? Why don't you take this and make it into a career."

I tried it at 19. I had a successful song on the radio in Trinidad, that's about the time I decided to make music my career.

Why is it that the freestyle rhyme is so important to the rapper?
Because at the end of the day I feel like rap music is basically singing about what is happening around you. It is reality.

Beat or bars, what is more important to the final product?
It's gonna be bars all the time. 
Because you can rap without a beat and people will still listen to it on repeat.

What are your plans for when things get back to normal after COVID?
Things are already normal for me. Because it's all about the mindset.
When you think of the Cabah lifestyle think of the City of Jahf Reach which is a mindset and a community.

Everything is already normal because we're going hard every day, the whole day, there is nothing to limit us.

I'm still writing, I'm still recording, I'm still conducting interviews with the Blog Hoarder right now. The Cabah lifestyle gives you that state of mind to embrace and change and to be innovative. That's where I'm at right now.

There's more to the music than a catchy beat and rhymes. There is meaning and a conscious state of mind bent on betterment and progress. 
Jahf Reach is representing the will to succeed. The spirit of freedom. The act and process of accomplishment. He is representing the Cabah lifestyle, ready for all of us to embrace.

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